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American Eagle

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Exhibited in Newport's Museum of Yachting Gift Shop, 2003 (RI)

Pen and Ink Drawing of American Eagle Cup Boat


American Eagle

Pen and Ink on Mylar
Size: 19" x 13"
Date: 1984

US - 21 American Eagle built in 1964 is Ted Turner's famous champion. Before the young Ted Turner bought American Eagle and won most of the world's greatest ocean races, she began her career racing for the America's Cup in Newport.

Eagle was designed and built by A. E. Luders for the 1964 America's Cup Defense. She won the observation trials, but by the close of the season her rival Constellation had secured the right to defend the America's Cup, easily beating the British Challenger, Sovereign. American Eagle was subsequently Ted Turner's stepping stone to America's Cup victory.

Yacht Designer - Bill Luders
Yacht Builder - Luders Marine Construction

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